Personal Tax Income Service in KL

Need help in handling and filing personal income tax? Leave it to us – SernYii also offers a personal income tax service in KL, Selangor, and beyond.

We offer a full range of personal income tax services which helps our clients apply the most cost-effective business strategy, taking advantage of our industry knowledge and experts’ experience.

Things You Need to Know.

Malaysia makes use of both progressive and flat rates for personal income tax (PIT), which depends on the individual’s duration and type of work in Malaysia. It is important to understand the basic structure of the Malaysian Tax system as expatriates might fall into both tax categories.

The Income Tax Act of 1967 structures personal income taxation in Malaysia, while the government’s annual budget can change the rates and variables for an individual’s taxation.

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Why Trust SernYii with Personal Tax Services?

  • Our team members are equipped with years of experience in the tax field and have worked with various clients in this field.
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  • Quality and professional income tax services provided to you at an affordable rate.


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