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SernYii is Your BEST Option For SST Services

We, at SernYii, also provide Sales and Service Tax (SST) Services like SST registration and return submission, to small and medium-sized companies throughout Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia as a whole.

Sales and Service Tax (SST) in Malaysia

The sales and service tax (SST) came into play in September 2018, after the Ministry of Finance announced its plan to abolish goods and services tax (GST).

The sales tax and service tax are of two different entities. The service tax is a consumption tax levied on taxable services with a constant rate of 6%. It is also a single-stage tax charged once by service providers.

The sales tax, on the other hand, stands at 0%, 5% or 10%.

What We Do.

Complying with tax laws and acts is definitely one of the most important aspects of running a business. To avoid possible tax fraud and evasion with companies in Malaysia, SernYii has worked with numerous clients to provide SST services like consultations and advice, SST registration, and SST return Submission.

We provide a flexible tax service that meets the needs and requirements of our clients.

Our SST services include;

  • Sales and Service Tax (SST) registration.
  • Sales and Service Tax (SST) deregistration.
  • Sales and Service Tax (SST) return submission and payment.
  • Consulting Services.


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